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Sunday, August 1, 2021

“If the judge meddles with the records, how can we trust his findings? – Shafee Abdullah

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The BM and English headlines for Mkini differs a lot.

But from reading the various news reports though, it appears the judge did not issue any warning (and certainly not stern warning) to Najib lawyer Shafee but told him to use his more polite words to describe Judge Nazlan’s verdict.

But what was the key issue that most media did not highlight that led to the Court of appeal judge asking Shafee to use more polite words?

It is very explosive and shocking, actually.

Here is The Edge’s report:

“Shafee further called Justice Nazlan as a learned trial judge of bias and questioned his conduct in the way he authenticated the trial notes.

“If the judge meddles with the records, how can we trust his findings? It shows the judge could be biased. It is only trite law that someone who is supposedly well versed in the field [who] is hopelessly incompetent can [he] be considered as biased. There is no explanation of the blunder of this sort that had happened

“By incorporating something that was not there, the element that had not been there — the judge ‘poisoned his grounds of judgment’,” Shafee said.”

“Court of Appeal cautions Najib’s lawyer on choice of words used against Justice Nazlan”

What happened is that Shafee stated and showed proof that judge Nazlan has meddled and added to the court transcripts by incorporating things that was never said in court in his written judgement to find Najib guilty.

This is a very serious issue and as what Shafee said yesterday, this is illegal as you cannot meddle with court records even if you are the judge.

The entire case against Najib can be thrown out and action can even be taken against the judge for judicial misconduct that can lead to him being sacked if what Shafee pointed out in court is found to be true.

That’s why Shafee used such strong words in court today to describe this shocking revelation.

Although the court of appeal asked Shafee to mind his use of words, no one including the prosecutors dare to rebut or deny wha Shafee alleges as you can easily compare the written judgement and the official court transcripts.

Shafee goes ‘silent’ for over an hour during SRC appeal

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